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Efficient Move-In Appliance Selections

Efficient Move-In Appliance Selections Efficient Move-In Appliance Selections Efficient Move-In Appliance Selections
Efficient Move-In Appliance Selections

Introducing our Move-In Essentials Collection, meticulously curated to streamline your transition to a new home with unparalleled efficiency and convenience. Crafted to surpass expectations, this exclusive selection of appliances is designed to elevate your move-in experience to new levels of functionality and ease.

A hassle-free home care solution, tailored to meet every requirement of your freshly furnished sanctuary. Unveiling a comprehensive selection of cutting-edge appliances from the latest generation, each backed by a reassuring warranty for your peace of mind. From the essential cleaning utensils to the robust efficiency of a top-tier vacuum cleaner and washing machine, our ensemble ensures effortless upkeep of your cherished space. From the efficient washing machine to the powerful electric mop and vacuum cleaner, each item in this collection is a testament to the artistry of contemporary home appliances.

Included is a top grade washing machine, renowned for its gentle care for your garments. Whether you're tackling a large load of laundry or a quick refresh, this efficient appliance delivers outstanding results every time. Enhance cleaning routines with the use of an electric mop, designed to effortlessly sweep and scrub your floors for a sparkling finish. And with the reliable performance of a portable vacuum cleaner, maintaining a tidy living space has never been easier.

For your entertainment, a sleek flatscreen television, offering crisp picture quality and immersive sound for your viewing pleasure. Complete your move-in essentials with a dependable fridge, providing ample storage space and innovative features to keep your groceries fresh and organized.

Experience the ultimate in move-in convenience with our Move-In Essentials Collection, where efficiency meets innovation to simplify your transition and enhance your everyday life in your new home.

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¥ 202,240
The Efficient Move-In Appliance Set contains the following:

- Washing machine
Brand: Toshiba
Washing machine
Model: TW-127X7L/R.

- Electric mop
Brand: Hoshikawa
Cordless electric rotating mop.
300 ml tank
Color white

- Vacuum cleaner
An easy to use cordless vacuum cleaner
Brand: Panasonic
Model MC-SB10J-N

- Flatscreen television
Brand: LG
Model LG 55 from 2021, with 4K Tuner
Built-in OLED55B1PJA, comes Alexa OLED.

- Fridge
355L fridge
Brand: Aqua,
Model: AQR-36H
(WxDxH):  600 mm x 662 mm x 1729 mm

This is used items.

Item condition: Good.

**If any of the items included in the package are damaged, the sales price will be enforced.

Explore the convenience of Japan Furniture Rental, where we not only deliver your chosen pieces but also expertly assemble and position them in your desired location—all within a week's timeframe. Plus, enjoy complimentary delivery for orders exceeding 300,000 JPY within the Tokyo Prefecture area!

For orders under 300,000 JPY, pricing will be calculated based on item size, rental duration, and specific building requirements. In some cases, specialized equipment may be necessary for transporting larger items, considering the compact nature of Japanese buildings where elevators may be absent or staircases narrow.

Once your order is confirmed, our team will promptly reach out to coordinate the ideal delivery schedule with you, ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish.

After placing your pre-order online, expect to receive an invoice encompassing transportation and furniture handling costs, tailored to the quantity of items rented and the rental duration.

Notably, enjoy complimentary delivery for orders exceeding 300,000 JPY within the Tokyo Prefecture region. Once the invoice is settled, anticipate delivery within a week's time.

Our dedicated Japan Rental Furniture team will handle move-in approval with the Building Manager and address any additional approvals required by specific building regulations.

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